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Hearing test and v Empire Pl test is an audiometric test to determine proper amplification ne nce! Offer valid on oneHearing Insuraonly. If you suspect. Hearing test and video otoscopic inspections are always free. If you suspect a problem, please seek treatment from a doctor. This annual show draws thousands of travelers from miles around to experience this much yet unspoiled wilderness.

It is my favorite place to be during this, my favorite time of the year. Located in Munnsville, Custom Woodcraft has been handcrafting wood furniture and designing beautiful cabinetry since Find out more at:. The family-oriented event features many free activities from 10 a. Best Paint! Best Prices! Best Service! Over the past few months did you notice areas of the night sky always seem to have cloudy regions?

A galaxy is a vast collection of stars, planets, moons, rocky and icy bodies, gas, and dust bound together by gravity. Galaxies vary in size, shape, age, and composition, and it is estimated there are at least billion galaxies in the universe. However, a new study by a team of astronomers who re-evaluated images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and observatories reports the number is likely 2 trillion galaxies! During the summer and fall, the Milky Way stretches from the Southwest to the Northeast.

The name originated long ago; the Greeks named it a milky circle, while the Romans called it the road of milk. Astronomer Edwin Hubble namesake of the Hubble Space Telescope and his ground-breaking research in the early s gave us a better understanding of galaxies and the universe. If we could look down at it from space it would look like a large, but thin, pinwheel sparkler. In the middle is a bright and bulging bar, illuminated by the light from stars.

Earth and our so- Voorwerp. An intwo-thirds away from the center of the gal- teresting region is in the Southwestern sky axy. Now for some fun with numbers. In as- coming out of the spout. That is the center bulge of a beam of light travels in one year. In one our galaxy. Also consider this: mysteries of our galaxy and the universe. The New Horizons spacecraft holds the re- What will we learn? It took almost 10 years to travel 3 billion miles to Pluto! Trek starship USS Enterprise to be invented. Everything you see in the night sky, ex12 S, New Hartford from p. That excep11 p.

Our telescopes will be set up tion is called Andromeda, the closest galaxy on the basketball court. When we look toward the cloudy The event is free. Milky Way we are looking at the flat plane. I was at a wine tasting event when I first encountered DikinDurt Distillery. I tasted some of its product and liked it. I was particularly interested in the fact that they were the first distillery in Herkimer County, and that they were located right in Herkimer.

How could I resist visiting? Additionally, it seemed like an excellent place for Mohawk Valley Girl to write about. A distillery would be great! On a recent Friday, my friend Kim Darling and I took a ride out. We walked into the rustic tasting room and were greeted by Elizabeth Stack, one of the co-owners. She agreed. We looked through a window at the distillery. We noticed some lovely plump blackberries to be used to infuse the moonshine. Ooh, they looked good. Elizabeth told us they were from Fairfield, and the blueberries they used were from Steuben Hill.

Obviously, it is important to them to use local ingredients whenever possible, another thing to make them near and dear to Mohawk. I tasted the Mohawk Valley Fire. It was yummy! I thought the Toasted Maple would be excellent in coffee. Elizabeth Stack and Eric Boyer the other co-owner have been distilling since October It took them two years to get the legalities squared away, and they have been selling since July 3, Kim and I had a fun time chatting with Elizabeth and Eric.

Quackenbush, a. Follow her frugal fun at:. Age when started music: 7 Influences: I began music through the wishes of my parents who had not been able to take music. My mother wished to live her dream through me, and started me off on piano at age 5. Early on, I fell in love with the violin and it no longer just became something my parents wanted me to do, but something that I could enjoy. Personal Quote: I am personally so glad that I had the opportunity to begin music. I hope that music is something that everyone will take the time to start, no matter what age. Music allows for one to have a sense of passion and love, which is something that I hope for everyone.

Also serving coffee, cappuccino, espresso, lattes, and pastries in our dining room. Manager - Jared Alesia, pastry chef C. Martin Alesia, cake decorator.


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Visit us at the farmers markets this summer! Whitesboro Mon. Eliana, Alana, and Dan take a seat at a picnic table in the pavilion to snack on popcorn and cider slushies. For locations visit: www. See over 60 vintage and modern tractors and other machinery. Enjoy games and activities for children. Watch the tractors parade through the museum grounds on Sunday at noon. Ride the Empire State Carousel. Tractor Fest is included with your paid museum admission.

North Star Orchards is an old-fashioned farm market started by the Joseph family as a roadside stand in The on-site bakery has delicious baked goods including their signature apple cider cake and cider donuts. Friday night dinners featuring our famous fresh haddock fish fry! Full menu available - Serving every Friday Open: Monday through Saturday am-2pm; Sunday am-1pm. It has a down-home feel and a warm and welcoming staff. Cook Kevin Medina comes out from the kitchen to greet us. Our new monthly newsletter will be emailed directly to you the middle of each month.

From sneak peeks of upcoming issues to contests, exclusive MVL daytrip itineraries, coupons, and more! Flowers for all occasions! A family business since NY State aged cheddar years old! See Remington firearms and artifacts from the s to today. Shop for clothing, hats, and souvenirs in the Country Store. Follow his adventures as he wanders into the depths of the garden and learns about jealousy, appreciation, and fate from the other garden dwellers.

Available at: Amazon Your purchase of this book helps www. Rose Dog offers free shipping! Vincent and JD are co-executive chefs, Emmie will take the helm as general manager and Alisha will be the service director. With two small children in one family and one on the way in the other, they are in for quite the adventure!

Dishes are an ode to classic pub fare with a twist. They will always have a burger on the menu, but the toppings and flavor will change based on the season or their imagination. The entire menu will change frequently, giving you reason to come back! They will have the latest menus on their website: www. A large window gives you a view into the kitchen so you can watch the preparation. They can seat 40 at tables and another nine at the bar, which offers full service.

The team has sought out local vendors for more than just the food. Their banquettes were made in Rome. The ceiling boasts exposed sustainably harvested wood from the Adirondacks. The artwork they have selected makes the space look like a hybrid of restaurant and art gallery with each piece perfectly chosen and hung. Joe Corasanti was instrumental in curating the interior — he is a friend of the couples and on the board of Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute.

An impressive exterior sign is being made by Meyda Tiffany using reclaimed wood from their crates, and copper and antique nails. It will of course feature their iconic pig logo! They will have six New York State beers on tap, rotating what our local breweries have in season, along with other great bottled beer options. They will craft seasonal cocktail changes and offer housemade infusions. Everything they can make in house, they will. Two wines on tap will also welcome you — one white and one red — and other by-the-glass New York wine options will be on the menu. We expect that they will be very busy once the doors open, so be sure to use the reservation system to assure you get a seat at this wonderfully thought out and one-of-a-kind place.

Support local, support young entrepreneurs and enjoy great food and drink. The bar will open at pm, dinner will be served from pm and then a late night menu will be available from 10pm — midnight. They are hoping to appeal to the others in the service industry after they get out of work, plus the many residents that will be moving downtown into the Winston Building right next door and other new residences. Canajoharie native Vickary was a navigator for the Air Force. His plane was shot down and he was taken prisoner.

He was liberated by American soldiers on April 29, Stephanie Adams, PLLC Serving artists, creative professionals, cultural organizations, libraries, and not-for-profits. Copyright, trademark, contracts, licensing, charities law. Services and experience at www. Available for appointments in the Mohawk Valley on my frequent trips to see my folks. But if you want to see the office, just follow the canal.

Regarded as one of the most comprehensive and significant assemblages of American folk art in the United States, this exhibition includes select items from the collection such as weathervanes, portraits, and pottery. October 14 - November 12, Reception: Fri.

Let us know. Email: mohawkvalleyliving hotmail. Available exclusively at: in stock prints by State Rte. Also cider donuts and pies from our bakery, our awesome apple cake with apple cider frosting - a customer favorite! Call for a free at home consultation available at-need or pre-need. Multiple marker design options available. Markers are produced in our Clinton facility by local workers. Tour our outdoor display anytime and explore our large selection of monuments, vases, benches, mausoleums, portraits and pet markers. We also offer cemetery lettering services, restoration, cleaning, maintenance, and veteran marker attachments.

Pulse LMR ad Rev 3. Our restrooms are outfitted with the following amenities A fried egg is a fried egg is a fried egg. But when food is served up following tried and true recipes with attention to detail, even that simple fried egg can set a diner apart from the plethora of breakfast options in the region.

Roberto Acevedo, originally from Caguas, Puerto Rico, brings 17 years of experience to the job. Sheri also makes up the wait staff, with help from mother Linda Rice. Ilion NY, E. Fridays and weekend breakfasts are the busiest times at the diner, and the most popular menu choice are among the ones sampled on this visit. The ubiquitous local favorite of a Giambrotte proves to be a steaming scrambled mountain of peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese, hot sausage, eggs, greens, and home fries served with toast. Next up is the veggie omelet, with mushrooms, peppers, onions, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes, served with toast and home fries or hash browns.

It proves to be a wallop of old-fashioned stick-tothe-ribs and clean-the-plate goodness. When complimented that the sausage gravy and biscuits are the best tasted anywhere, Roberto and Eric high-five each other, completing the movement with a chest thump. See dealer or toro. We start the month with most foliage still green and intact on the trees, but we end the month with virtually all leaves on the ground. In between we get to enjoy one of the most extraordinary spectacles of the Northeastern forests.

This is the moment in nature when all agree that the trees steal the show. Of course, to some naturalists, trees are always show stealers, but when in unison they turn a spectacular range of colors, suddenly everyone else seems to take notice of them. Years ago, I recall driving all around the countryside trying to get the finest view of peak fall color. My journeys led me to the mountains in the north and to the rolling hills in the south.

One of the more interesting aspects based solely on a splash of color they of the autumn foliage phenomenon is that produce on some remote hillside. I enjoy immensely distinguished from the yellow-green folithe ability to identify distant groves of age of the Box Elders, or the bright goldhickories, aspens, oaks, and butternuts, en yellow of some Sugar Maples.

Great Selections of Eyewear From Full line of contact lenses including multi-focal, toric and specialty lenses. Despite that, Sugar Maples remain distinctive in their hues and in the shapes of their crowns and so they are only rarely misidentified. One of the unsung heroes of our fall foliage is most definitely the White Ash, which is extremely variable in the colors and hues it displays in fall.

However, the ash, like its relatives in the maple family, somehow remains distinctive and easy to identify no matter what color its foliage takes on. The colors that White Ash trees turn can be likened to pastels. They are softer in tone than the vibrant shades that maples exhibit. With the ash there would also seem to be a more obvious contrast between the upper and. Always Peak Colors at the In fall, an individual White Ash Tree may turn gold, bronze, peach, salmon, copper, scarlet, purple, maroon, or a dozen other subtle hues.

As a seemingly innocuous alien beetle called the Emerald Ash Borer takes hold in the Mohawk Valley, it will start the indiscriminate destruction of all ash trees. Of course, the ash trees are important habitat trees as well and they make up a. Gift Boxes-Shipped! Their seeds, called samaras, are eaten by a wide variety of wildlife and their branches and trunks provide homes for scores of native animals.

State foresters tell us that there is no effective method of combating the beetles, especially in forest situations. If they are correct, this will ultimately be a loss we will have to suffer. My advice to all is to venture outdoors and learn to identify your local White Ash trees.

Sorry about that

Appreciate them to the fullest extent while you can. Autumn will certainly not be the same without them. Corner of Rte. Much like the Angus breed of cow that is popular for beef, we started out with goat breeds known for meat production, including Boer and Spanish.

They rest of the world enjoys goat quite a lot--it is the 1 consumed red meat in virtually every other country in the world. But when customers started asking about goat cheese…well, why not get into the cheese business? We bought a small herd of dairy goats and set about learning how to milk, balance proper nutrition, and make cheese. It quickly became abundantly apparent that we were good at only one thing: making cheese!

The other part--raising babies on milk replacer while coaxing high quality milk from the mothers--was clearly not our forte. We set about looking for goat dairies willing to sell us their milk. For some of them, making milk and selling it to processors is their sole business.

For a few others, they are cheese-. Marble Road By Nell Come see us for all your maple syrup products! Besides selling milk to us and other processors, they make their own goat cheeses, yogurt, bottled milk including chocolate , soaps, and lotions. The public can visit the farm to purchase products, too, but make an appointment first. I sat down with Barry and Kay to ask them a few questions about their operation: Q: Can you tell me about the history of your farm?

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The farm has been in our family for 64 years. It was an operating cow dairy from until , when the cows were sold. We wanted to take what was once a successful cow dairy and make it into a successful business again. The farm was too small to sustain the number of cows needed to be an economical choice.

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Goats seemed to be a viable option. Q: Can you describe your operation, and do you milk year-round? A: We have a double-eight milking parlor. We are pickier about milk production in our herd, rather than breed types. Most goat dairies are seasonal, but consumers want fresh goat products year-round. We produced milk yearround for the first time in It is difficult to break goats from their natural breeding schedules. The way we achieved milking year-round was by using different breeds of bucks to bring our does into heat.

In a typical year, we have babies, depending on the number of twins and triplets we have. Q: What are some of the best and worst things about what you do? A: Farming with family is great; you get to work. Controls are intuitive, your visibility is unmatched, and both the ROPS platform and cab are large and clutter-free.

Boomer tractors continue to be the ultimate power tool for homeowners, rural lifestylers, landscapers, farmers, municipalities, and anyone who needs reliable performance in a maneuverable, comfortable package. Clinton Tractor and Implement Co. All your fencing supplies at one location! Treated posts of all sizes, high tensile accessories, energizers, gates and much more. On the other hand, we face many challenges with cash flow, especially at certain times of the year.

It is hard to get a bank to lend you money with such fluctuation and uncertain markets. And do you plan to continue to work with processors like Jones Family Farm? A: Our hope is that we can continue to meet the demands for our products and the demands of the processors buying our milk. We will continue to look for ways to diversify our farm to make sure that our farm stays sustainable for future generations.

We like selling to fellow processors, as it helps diversify our operation. Other advantages are quicker turnaround on cash flow, and it frees us to accomplish other farm tasks. Of course, selling to other processing plants, we create our own competition. Extraordinary craftsmanship, all solid wood handcrafted Amish furniture.

We can customize any piece of furniture, whether new or you need to match an existing piece, we have numerous choices of stains, colors, and woods. Together, with their children, they produce specialty goat cheeses and gelato. I just love, love, love beets! I hear you naysayers out there groaning right about now! Why, sure, some who disdain beets have lived an ordinary life with some fulfillment and fleeting glimpses of happiness. But pure joy come from eating beets! Here is a list of our favorite beet varieties for the home garden: Detroit Red—heirloom matures in 58 days.

Little Ball 50 days and Mini Ball 54 days --whose roots get to the size of a silver dollar, thus extremely sweet. Cylindria 60 days --whose shape results in slices of equal size. Touchstone Gold 55 days —is a new variety with small yellow roots and retain their color after cooking. Golden 55 days —has a lovely buttery. DiChiogga 50 days —is an Italian heirloom known for its striped red and white interior, sweet, mild taste, and early maturation.

Beets are also one of the easiest veggies to grow in your garden. Their knobby seeds are easy for little hands and arthritic hands to plant. Making them a choice for young and old. They can be planted in gardens, raised beds, and containers. They are a cold season crop, and here in the Mohawk Valley we are lucky to get in two plantings a season: one in early spring and one in late summer. This planting plan will ensure you a lovely harvest of beets from late August all the way into winter.

It takes days for beets to germinate. Beets are typically not affected by pests or diseases, but may be affected by black bean aphid, boron deficiency, birds, slugs, and our favorite pest, voles. Harvest beets days after planting, before they become woody. Gently pull beets out of the soil by the base of the stem. Beets will store in your fridge for several weeks—not really a problem in my kitchen.

Beets are full of all sorts of things that are good for you—vitamin C, fiber, potassium, manganese, and more. But more important than that, they taste great! Beets are a paradox. They are earthy, almost foresty. But they have the highest sugar content of any vegetable. It is this unusual combination of flavors that make them so versatile. The easiest way to cook beets is to wash the dirt off, cut the tops off, cut the root end off, place them on a piece of foil on a cookie sheet, drizzle oil, and toss to coat, wrap up in the foil, and roast at degrees for 25 minutes to an hour, depending on size.

Now you are ready to use them in a great recipe! Preplanning gives you peace of mind, takes the burden off your loved ones, and assures that your service will reflect your personal wishes. Roast beets wrapped in foil at degrees for about 1 hour. Tip: The beets can be roasted and stored in the refrigerator of up to two days.

In a bowl, whisk together the orange juice, zest, honey, vinegar mustard, and oil; season with salt and pepper. Add beets and toss to coat. Arrange the salad greens and red onion on a large plate and top with the beets. Top with toasted almonds. You can also toss in some local goat cheese. Holiday Happy Hour! Thursday, Nov. Watching live video from raptor nests on the Internet is something that many people do these days.

Intelligence also comes my way from scores of other nests from points around the globe. As a veteran nest watcher and I mean someone that watches nests in person and not via internet streaming , I am constantly astounded by the sheer amount of data and behavioral information that can be gleaned from nest cam video. Astrid and Ares have nested in Downtown Utica. As a devotee of our falcon nest cam and as a staunch advocate of raptor conservation, I can tell you that falcon behavior never gets old.

In fact, we learn new things every season, including some information not found in the available literature on peregrines. Some of the behavior is subtle and would likely have gone unnoticed if the birds and their nest were being monitored the old-fashioned way, say by someone hiding on a bluff with a spotting scope trained on a distant nest ledge. For the sake of being concise, this chronicle will not include all days or, in some cases, complete entries, but will include those deemed significant or interesting. My goal. Hopefully, the reader will agree that it captures some of the raw drama and intensity inherent in the life of a wild raptor.

March Astrid was much more sedentary today, although she largely shunned the nest box. We recognize this behavior from previous years and it most likely means she is getting close to laying her first egg of the season. By contrast, Ares visited the box at least a dozen times today while still managing to keep close tabs on his mate. Today the pair mated seven times. Typically the number of times they mate increases as egg laying time approaches. Two days before, they mated no less than 11 times! As part of their continuing courtship rituals, Ares brought Astrid at least two food tributes: one was a starling and the other a bat.

The morning was action packed. A little while later, a male American Kestrel came through, momentarily landed on the State Building, and then flew directly in front of the pair in an almost taunting manner. Shortly after that, a yearling Peregrine Falcon came onto the scene with prey in its talons. The intruder landed on the east face of the State Building, where it brazenly began plucking and eating its meal on a window ledge.

Both Astrid and Ares went into full hazing mode. They repeatedly dove at the young bird for the better part of an hour and a half. All the while the stranger remained out of reach, tucked into a deep window ledge. They also mated twice. Finally, following another 10 minutes of intense hazing, the intruder fled its sanctuary and headed southeast. March Astrid came to the nest box last evening and appeared ready to lay her first egg of the season.

However, looks can be deceiving and she left the box. Ares came to the box before dawn with a fresh woodcock. He tried to convince his mate to come and take it, but she declined. A little later on he tried again, that time with some unrecognizable hunk of prey. Clearly, this fit the bill. She accepted the gift and took it over to the hotel ledge to eat it. In the late morning, Astrid spent a lot of time at the nest box.

She and Ares performed four ledge displays in the course of 90 minutes, which might be a new record. Even though Astrid was obviously full, Ares encouraged her to take even more food. March Astrid came to the nest box at 4 a. Rain was coming down steadily, so Astrid kept tight to a ledge on the west face of the State Building. He tried wailing, bringing food, and buzzing by her at high speed. It seemed he tried everything short of bringing her flowers, but there was no rousing his mate. Finally during mid-afternoon, the rain slowed down and Astrid participated in a ledge display at the box.

In the subsequent two hours the pair mated five times! April 1: Astrid spent the entire night in the box, but again failed to produce an egg. The pair was together at the box a few times in the predawn hours and even mated on the nest box perch in the darkness and fog. Ares always makes a particular chatter call when they mate and so, whether or not we see it, we know when a mating occurs.

Astrid takes over incubation from Ares Both falcons were spotted flying around the downtown area and Ares, in particular, put on a top-notch air show. The pair mated at the box and on the steeple and to the delight of all observers, they converged at the box and performed a ledge display. Toward the end of the walk, an immature male peregrine followed Ares as he flew in to join Astrid at the box.

That was unexpected! The stranger was quickly escorted out. By p. April 2: For the first time in nearly a year, we began the day with an egg in the nest box. Astrid had remained in the box all night long. Just before 6 a. He fussed over it for a short time and even settled down on it as if he was going to incubate. Of course, leaving the egg uncovered for extended periods is normal at this time. That in turn lessens competition. Gift certificates available.

April 3: Astrid spent last night at the nest box but left at a. It was very dark out and we could barely discern it on our roof camera, but it looked like they tried to mate on the State Building before 5 a. In the late morning a chatter-type alarm call given by Ares was probably in response to some other species of raptor not a peregrine migrating over the downtown area.

March through May is migration season for raptors, and so this kind of thing is expected. Thankfully, the afternoon was much less contentious. Astrid was seen drinking water from puddles on the hotel ledge no less than three times. April 4: Astrid spent the night in the nest box again last night and at a.

What was different this time was that Ares was present at the box when the egg was laid. In the course of four seasons, Astrid has laid a total of 14 eggs up to this point and this was the only one Ares witnessed. Astrid was more vocal when laying this egg and we think it may have been a more uncomfortable experience than usual for her. She did seem fine afterward. While standing on the ledge she spread out her wings and took. April 6: It was very rainy off and on today—mostly on! Despite that, the falcons had a fairly active day.

It started early with Ares bringing a meal to Astrid at a. Throughout the day, the pair took turns being at the nest box. Sometimes they were incubating and sometimes only guarding the eggs. However, we do believe that continuous incubation began in the late afternoon. This means the incubation clock had started ticking and we could expect the first hatch to happen in 32 to 33 days.

Astrid laid egg number three at approximately p. We only glimpsed the new egg for a second when she shifted her position on the nest. April 9: Astrid spent the entire night in the box as expected. Overnight temperatures got down to just below the freezing point. This meant that she had to stay tight on the eggs the whole time.

When Ares came in at a. In fact, when she spied some prey from her perch on the steeple,.

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  8. She came back to the box at around 7 a. Through noon there were quite a few changes of the guard with the two birds sharing incubation duties pretty evenly. It is typical behavior for a pair of peregrines to evenly share the burden of incubation during daylight hours. However, at night, the female is the sole incubator. Astrid has never laid more than four eggs in a season. She also tends to lay eggs at an interval of about 60 hours, which is on the long side for peregrines, but is normal for her. April Ares showed up this morning after taking what seemed to be a hiatus from the nest box.

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    He was missing from 4 p. When he did return, he relieved Astrid from her hour turn at incubation. In the afternoon we thought the falcons had been disturbed by an intruder. Astrid had been on a high perch on the State Building and Ares was incubating on the nest, when suddenly she began darting around the canyon. Ares even came off the eggs to stand out on the nest box perch. It turned out the birds were upset by some people that were apparently sightseeing on the roof of the State Build-.

    That kind of thing never goes over well with the falcons. April The falcons started out the day at a. It means free flying and they took full advantage of it. Ares usually announces his arrival at the box with a loud shriek, but at he arrived quietly and his sudden appearance visibly startled Astrid.

    Astrid spent part of midday hunting and was out of camera view for a while. At this stage, a gap in incubation lasting more than 10 minutes can be detrimental to the embryos developing inside the eggs. Fortunately, it was a warm day and the eggs should have been able to handle the gap in incubation. We think that Ares left to help Astrid stir up the local pigeon flock. Typically, this involves Ares rousing the flock and attempting to drive them toward Astrid. The first changing of the guard occurred at a.

    For more than 60 years,the. For more has provided reliable service andthe knowledgeable advice from th provided reliable service local agents who take the time tohas listen and understand your an. Products and services may not be available in all states. Terms, conditions and eligibility requirements will apply. Property and casualty products and services available throughTerms, co Products and services may notare bemade available in all states. She seemed anxious to be relieved at the nest.

    He may have been monitoring the movement of migrating raptors as they traveled north through the territory. It was just before noon when he finally consented to come to the box and Astrid was not pleased. She leaped off the eggs and issued a loud shriek right in his face! Following the rebuke he spent the bulk of the afternoon on the nest. Ares took over incubation from Astrid. There was no prey exchanged at that time. A little later, Astrid was seen having a drink of water on the hotel ledge.

    Astrid returned to the nest to take over incubation, but Ares balked at leaving. This time, instead of pressing her point like she usually does, she left and permitted Ares to take another half-shift on the eggs. At , while Astrid was on the nest, Ares got upset about a group of three Turkey Vultures that passed low through the canyon. He gave some alarm calls and then escorted the large. April It was quite cold in the early morning with temperatures again hovering around the freezing point. Astrid began calling for Ares to take over incubation at a.

    Ares remained on the nest until Astrid relieved him at midmorning. In the early afternoon Astrid was seen sunbathing on the ledge of the hotel. Although I have seen other raptors engage in this type. She was lying flat on her stomach with wing and tail feathers completely spread out. She did this for about 15 minutes before returning to the box and brusquely ejecting Ares off the eggs.

    She compelled him to go by looming over him and then stepped on his tail while giving a rattle call. He was out in a few seconds and. Standard Features. Some Restrictions Apply. See Store Associate for Details.

    May 7: It was cold and rainy again today. In the early morning the temperatures were in the low 40s and they moderated little as the day progressed. The first changing of the guard took place at a. About 90 minutes later Astrid was seen feeding on a fresh pigeon on the hotel ledge. She appeared to eat nearly the entire thing. Peregrine Falcons are able to consume 25 to 30 percent of their weight in one sitting and Astrid seemed to.

    At every one of the quick changeovers that took place today we inspected the eggs for pips holes in the egg shell created by the chick inside , but none were identified. During the late morning Astrid seemed to be reacting to peeping sounds emanating from an egg or eggs. She responded with calls of her own and by adjusting the eggs.

    Temperatures were in the low 30s in the early morning and barely managed 40 degrees in the afternoon. There were even a few snow showers and strong wind gusts. Understandably, Astrid stayed very tight to the eggs through most of the morning. She adjusted them often and grad-. At midmorning, Ares came back to the box and Astrid finally let him take over incubation.

    It was during this changeover that we noticed a large pip in egg 1 the egg that was laid on April 1st. Open Daily! Like us on Facebook for specials! M-F , Sat 16 College St. Ares flies up to the nest box The hole was big enough for us to see the chick moving around inside. By , lots of calling was being heard from the chick in the breached egg. A little later when Ares was adjusting the eggs, it looked like egg 2 might also be pipped.

    By , Astrid was back on the eggs. Ares came back with food at Astrid took the food and left the box, but was back within five minutes to relieve him. It really seemed like she was determined to stay with her clutch today. A switch at 6 p. May 9: It was a very cold night with temperatures at or around the freezing mark. Snow was falling in some localities. At approximately a. At just before 6 a. Astrid was back at the box after only a few minutes and she brought with her most of a pigeon.

    There was no feeding at this time, but for some reason Astrid brooded the new chick and the three eggs together with the pigeon. Why was she sitting on the food? Regardless, she stayed brooding like this for about two hours. At 10, Ares got in a few min-. At approximately , egg 2 hatched. While brooding the two chicks, Astrid ate most of the broken egg shell and in doing so, she returned some calcium to her system. At a few minutes past noon, she began feeding the first chick from the pigeon leftovers.

    This was the first and only feeding of the day. At around Ares got another few minutes in the box and he got his first look at chick 2, but in short order Astrid was back and on duty. At a quarter to six Astrid seemed to be getting cagy. She was calling a lot and frequently adjusted the clutch, which now consisted of two chicks and two eggs. An hour later she flew out of the box and without missing a beat, Ares came dashing in. He immediately started tearing into the meat of a pigeon wing which was still in the box.

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    Join us for cider pressing, live music, special tastings, demonstrations, duck races, delicious fudge and so much more. Mexican or Meatball Mix 5 lbs. Cube Steak round 5lbs. Pork Steak 5 lbs. Stew Beef 5 lbs. Pork Chop center 5 lbs. Ground Beef 5 lbs. Ground Chuck 5 lbs. Ground Chuck 5 lbs Loose Hot Sausage 5 lbs. Chicken Breast 5 lbs. Morrell Franks 5 lbs. Chicken Legs 5 lbs. Rope, Hot, or Sweet Sausage 5 lbs. Mexican or Meatball Mix. Your old-fashioned, full service butcher! Following a conference with Astrid on the State Building, he returned to the box and took another shift brooding.

    May The day was off to a cold start with temperatures only in the low 30s. Astrid stayed very tight on the nestlings and eggs all night. Ares brought food to the nest box at 4 a. Astrid took it and began feeding the two chicks. Once the young had their fill, she took the leftovers out of the box and presumably stored them. At close to , Ares brought prey to the box again. During a changing of the guard at around 7, we determined that there was a pip on egg 3. Obviously, a hatch was imminent. At p. A pinkish new chick was just visible and Astrid was eating some of the broken eggshell.

    At 2, Astrid left the box to escort some Turkey Vultures out of the territory and we finally got an unobstructed view of the nest. Chick 3 had dried off and looked as white as its two siblings. We also got a look at egg 4 and we were fairly confident it showed a pip. A little later on the small hole seemed to develop into a large crack and the egg looked like it was about to burst open at any minute. May The action starts early in falcon town. Happy birthday to this young lady who is sweet 16 and on the high honor roll at school!!

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